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Coaching Programme / GROW sessions

Coaching sessions - New Insights Programme
In our first session together we will look at your life wheel, essentially these are key area's of your life for example finances, family, relationships and personal development. There are eight area's in total.

From those eight areas YOU will select one from which we will set a goal. Those goals will form the cornerstone of our remaining coaching sessions and are the building blocks of your success.

In coaching session 2 we will look to set milestones, essentially these are the stepping stones towards each of your goals.

Coaching session 3 is about motivation and how your beliefs will move you closer to success and those goals which have been set.

Coaching session 4, well that is looking at those negative beliefs which our hindering the way to your goals and looking to at positive beliefs which will strengthen your road to success.

Well that is just a taster of what you can espect in the first few sessions. The sessions will be 1-2 weeks apart and we will always work at whatever pace and format which suits you best.

GROW sessions
Wants something less structured? I also do general coaching sessions. What coaching skills and topics we look at can vary in general coaching sessions and how we go forward will vary and depending on your own needs.

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