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Values and Beliefs

Everyone is driven by their values and beliefs, they influence our performance and achievement. It is important to recognise, clarify and understand our core values.
Our beliefs are thoughts and ideas which are not challenged or questioned.
We have the power to create, change or destroy our beliefs.
Everything we do and think is a result of our beliefs - they shape the direction of our lives.
Beliefs come from a number of sources; parents, teachers, peer group, friends, family, media, religion. Most are formed during our childhood and adolescence.

People who lack confidence may pepper their phrases with negative comment
“I know this sounds daft”
“This probably wont work ...”

Were you teased or bullied as a child? If so, is it still impacting on your life today? Being told you are clumsy as a child may result in you growing into adulthood with that belief in you mind, whether or not it were true.

Strong beliefs can be formed from situations that you have been in which still influence your behaviour because of the experience at the time.

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