We have a simple pricing structure. 

Sessions up to 3 hours - investment is between £10 and £50 per session.

Sessions over 3 hours - investment is £50 to £100 per session.

Prices are as advertised.   Discounts are given for repeat bookings.   Corporate referrals are welcome.

We do have special offers for early bookings (see eventbrite) and group bookings (contact us direct)

If you have a big goal you are working on and feel you would benefit from 1:1 sessions we can tailor a coaching program that will meet your needs.

You may also like to consider our Personal Development pass which gives you a months unlimited access to a number of our sessions.  

Our sessions run day times Saturday to Tuesday inclusive and evenings Tuesday to Friday inclusive.  We have sessions running every week (except at holiday times)

Where do our Personal Development Sessions take place?

Our workshops run from the offices of Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited, West Fifteen, Whickham View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6UN.

How do I book into a Personal Development Session?

Most of our workshops are advertised on Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/newcastle-performance-coaching-limited-6295082261 where bookings and payments are taken.

What is included in the Personal Development Sessions?

You will be required to attend between 5 and 20 minutes before the start of the session so that you find a seat, make a drink, meet other delates and get settled.  If you arrive late you will be unable to join the session as it is disruptive to other attendees.

Refreshments and materials are provided - please bring along pen/pencil and paper if you would like to take notes.

How many people will be at the Personal Development Sessions take place?

There will be 1-15 people at the session (we don’t have a minimum number), we believe the smaller the group the greater the benefit is to our clients - so there are no overwhelming great big groups.  

Formats for the sessions vary between workshops, activities, presentations and discussions.  All sessions are relaxed, informal and interactive.  Everyone is welcome to contribute to the session.

What happens when I arrive at the Personal Development Sessions?

Don't worry about feeling nervous - especially if it's your first time.  We have a really simple inclusive environment so priority is always to pour yourself a drink (tea/coffee) and decide where you would like to sit, talk to other delegates and get settled before we start.  

It's all informal and relaxed.  Newcastle Performance Coaching sessions are as much about making connections, building friendships and making it an enjoyable experience than anything else.

If you're a bit nervous have a word with the coach leading the session and if you'd like to assist before the session starts or would like some introductions we can sort it out.

What NOT to expect at our Personal Development Sessions.

Our sessions are great value and low cost ... but there is no pitching from us to sell you other products and services.  Come along for the session and if you are interested in coming back then you can invest in our Personal Development Passport or book into further sessions online at Eventbrite.

Oh ... and RARELY EVER (possibly NEVER) will you see a PowerPoint presentation or a Flip Chart, handouts are rare too.  Remember Newcastle Peformance Coaching Limited like to keep our sessions relaxed, interactive, informal and inclusive - we find that's how our clients benefit most in the sessions - but ... there is lots to cover and plenty to do so remember to bring pens, paper (A4 pad is recommended), an open mind and a smile :-)